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CPPs are one of the main contributors to air pollution in Studies of Ages of the Navajo Sandstone. The sands were deposited in dunes within Researchers Unearth 'New' Mass-Extinction. Friday, September 20, Load more stories. Boy or Girl? Seismicity induced by wastewater injections is widespread in Oklahoma, probably because its basement is susceptible to the reactivation of basement-rooted faults, according to three-dimensional seismic analyses, rock-mechanics experiments and field surveys. The Havre Tough back-arc basin, New Zealand, formed rapidly and in two phases: initial, limited seafloor spreading was followed by a transition to arc magmatism, as shown by geophysical data and modelling.

Depleted mantle is a volumetrically dominant component of the Azores plume and possibly of oceanic basalt sources more generally, according to neodymium isotope compositions of olivine-hosted melt inclusions from lavas of the Azores mantle plume. The structure of the lithosphere is key to reconciling the dynamic topography predicted by mantle convection models with residual topography derived from observations, suggest analyses of both models and data.

Editorial 30 August Scrutiny from every angle, by a diverse set of reviewers, improves the peer review process and the papers that we publish. The silicon that precipitated out of the Archaean oceans as chert was subducted and melted to yield seawater-like heavy isotope signatures in early granitic rocks. The distribution of iron-loving elements between the mantles of the Moon and Earth may differ from established belief, suggest two studies that determine the hafnium—tungsten ratio and sulfide—silicate melt partitioning of elements in the lunar mantle.

The Anthropocene epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age

Comment 29 July The climate of South and East Asia is affected by anthropogenic aerosols, but the magnitude of the aerosol imprint is not well known. As regional emissions are rapidly changing, potential related climate risks must be quantified. Explore our range of resources available to teachers and technicians for planning practical science lessons.

  1. The Sound of Silence: Lowest-noise RIAA Phono-amps - Designers Guide.
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Inspirational ideas, practical tips and guidance, evidence-based best practice and ready to use classroom resources to help you meet the Teachers' Standards. Advice and guidance on the teaching of the more rigorous mathematics content of the separate science GCSEs. If you have created a great resource, why not share it with others? Our website gives you the chance to share your work and find helpful teacher-made resources to use in your teaching.

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Take a look at our full collection of community resources. To contribute your resources, register now or sign in and visit 'My resources' on your dashboard. Share your community resources. Resources Our website is home to thousands of free-to-access, quality-assured resources to support the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM subjects.


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